In-Home Independence

Stay put, stay connected, & stay happy.

For those living with a disability or deciding to age in place remaining in the home is a nearly universal goal.  

It is almost our natural instinct to strive to remain in familiar surroundings within a supportive community.

Protecting your daily privacy, retaining your dignity and a feeling of freedom from restraint will assure your emotional well being.


The Future of Care

Increasing life spans, declining birth rates, and the aging baby boomer generation are causing an unprecedented demographic shift.

The growing number of older adults requiring care is already placing stress on both public and private assistive services. 

New legislative and private initiatives are necessary to provide affordable and personalized care for those with disabilities, older adults, and those that care for them. 


Invest In Peace of Mind

Prepare, prevent, and preserve

Assistive technology and devices will empower you to live independently safely today.

Easy to use tools that can also help your loved ones and support network manage your care efficiently.

Reducing overall living expenses by eliminating the need for costly and unnecessary one size fits all care.




Fall Prevention

Stay confident, stay safe, and stay active. Stop multiple calls to 911. The tools to help you get up off the floor fast.


Enabling Technology

Custom support systems to empower individuals while also addressing the concerns of caregivers.

Invisia soap dish

Assistive Devices

Low-tech devices that can change your daily life right out of the box. Grab bars, ramps, and other solutions to help adapt your home and day.